Foreign language

As part of globalization, unified formalities and editorial requirements for scientific papers are increasingly important. Particularly in the field of the publication of scientific articles, the behavior of a unified form is quite difficult; a professional language course before getting a job or an article becomes indispensable. Services in the language area not only include corrective actions (correcting spelling or grammatical mistakes) but also overworking all structural, stylistic and content errors.

Foreign language course

As part of the language course, we not only check spelling or grammatical mistakes but also any structuring and stylistic errors as well as content incompatibilities. In addition, we check the texts regarding the correct use of research and analysis. In this way we guarantee the effectiveness of the development and the highest quality. The study is carried out by our authors who have extensive knowledge and experience in writing scientific papers.

The study consists, among other things, in optimizing the structure of sentences, reducing repetitive words and correct citation. Our company has a wide range of academic authors, enabling the customer to develop and work in the highest quality. Thanks to the expertise of our authors, we are able to provide you with effective and fast individual help.

If necessary, we also offer language courses in English or German. Our team includes international authors specialized in various faculties.


In times of globalization and the growing need to cooperate on a global scale, translations of texts into various languages are often required. Translations are not only needed in professional life, but also as part of writing scientific papers.

The need to translate scientific papers can have many causes:

  • Many scientific papers, articles, job summaries, etc. must be translated not only into English, but into German or another language.
  • Publications in international magazines are simply written in English.
  • The results of scientific research should be made public by the international public.

Knowledge of a language that is necessary for translation on such a large scale, simply exceed the level of foreign language proficiency that is achieved during studies. Specific word fuss and professional praise as part of writing scientific papers often cause many problems for students. Our employees guarantee you effective and fast translations of the highest quality in different languages.


Our employees translate texts of all kinds. It does not matter if it’s about the translation of texts, documents and scientific papers; we guarantee the highest quality translations.

Our offer:

  • Fast and effective development
  • Professionalism and native speakers of the language
  • Consistent quality control by superiors

Temporary and high-quality translations are guaranteed by professional sworn translators and experts of various scientific departments, e.g. law, economics, sociology and many more. All employees have extensive knowledge in the appropriate specialty and experience in writing scientific papers, articles, job summaries and other texts in different languages.